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What to Expect: Week 20, Season #23

For Week #20 – October 24, the final harvest delivery for the 2019 FACSAP Summer Shares, we anticipate the following this Thursday:

BLAZQUEZ GARDENS – Christien Conniff

CNG Pending

  • Assortment of Red Mexican Midget, Yellow Pear and Yellow Jelly Bean Tomatoes

Introducing our newest grower, a FACSAP member-turned-grower, Mrs. Christien Conniff, growing in Stafford County, with her harvest debut!

Preparing for the past couple of years, Christien this season has produced her first harvest in the newly-established 80’ x 80’ garden that is in the heart of the northern Fredericksburg area. She offers several unique varieties of tomatoes and peppers, including specialty types of Yellow Cherry and tiny red Mexican Midget tomatoes. (see attached photo), which will be included in this week’s Summer Harvest finalé!

You are giving me the opportunity to be a farmer, which is a lifelong dream...And I look forward to growing in the future Spring and Summer shares...

Looking forward to serving the local community!


BLENHEIM ORGANIC GARDENS – Lawrence and Becky Latané, Courtney Fishback

  • Mixed Variety Orange & White Sweet Potatoes

  • Garlic

  • Heirloom Corn bunch (dried corn in a decorative bunch, which can be milled into cornmeal for you if you’d like to take it to the farm. )

CSA members who'd like more sweet potatoes after this week can contact us at , to order in bulk: 20-pound box for $30, either orange, white or a mix of both varieties.



  • Assorted Greens: Members may select from varieties featured in this collection, expected to be: Romaine lettuce, salad mix (baby greens), baby bok choi, collards, mustard greens, kale, and maybe more.

  • Sweet Peppers: These are mostly bell peppers but include some sweet banana and pimentos. Most are green, but some red and gold sprinkled in, too.

Good evening and happy new week!

Things are looking great at the farm as we wrap up the summer CSA harvest and head into the fall. It's exciting to see all of the colors and textures coming out now! Looking ahead to next week, we are anticipating such items as kale, tender white turnips, collard greens, micro or baby greens, and maybe the last of our tomatoes and garlic in the first fall share harvest delivery.

Have a blessed week!!


GUERRA FARM – José Antonio Guerra Martinez

  • Sweet Peppers [12 for large shares & 6 for small shares] Can be chopped and frozen or dehydrated for later use!

  • Zucchini

​TERRA STONE GREENS – Caroline Nicotera

  • This week I have fresh peas planned. They are growing slower than anticipated due to the weather shift- so let’s hope they are ready by Thursday’s harvest... otherwise it will be what’s ever available from Radish or Rainbow Mix: cabbage, kale, clover, beets or Amaranth. [attached are photo of the peas growing ]


GOLDEN ACRES ORCHARD – John Thomson & Mrs. Scottie Thomson

  • Apples coming this week! We have harvested the apples and have started the grading this week. Golden Delicious and Jonathans are expected to be included in each harvest share this Thursday.

Extra Apple Shares, Apple Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar Shares will also be delivered this Thursday.


Pete from Cardinal Apiaries will be on hand with his honey gift jars on our last harvest pickup day of the season, this Thursday, 24 October. These make a particularly nice gift or table presentation. Pints and half-pint jars are shown here; Pete also has quart and half-gallon jars with red lids and the familiar 1-pound plastic squeeze bottles with black flip-top lids.

Pete will try to have enough of each size on hand but if you'd like to reserve particular size jars, you may email Pete at

Prices are as follows:

  • half-pint - $7

  • pound squeeze bottle - $10

  • pint - $13

  • quart - (2.5 pounds) $25

  • half-gallon (wide-mouth glass six pound jars)- $58

CHARIS FARM & HOMESTEAD, Jen Ferinde & Family

Locust Grove, Spotsylvania County

CNG Certification Pending

  • Pastured, Certified Naturally Grown, Soy-Free Chicken Egg Shares SOLD OUT!


Please email Jen Ferinde or stop by the FACSAP Side Share table during Thursday’s harvest distribution. Egg Shares are available on a first come, first served basis. You may add your name to the Waiting List, and will be notified when additional Egg Shares become available.

Jen will deliver the eggs fresh each week to the FACSAP Side Share table. Cash payments only.

NOTE: After October 24, the eggs will be delivered on Monday evenings 5:30-7:00 PM at Liberty Town Arts Workshop courtyard in downtown Fredericksburg, in conjunction with the FACSAP Fall Vegetable Share deliveries.

  • Pastured, Organic, Soy-Free Turkey Shares ONLY 5 LEFT!

20 Turkeys are growing and will be ready the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Small Turkey Share: $135

Large Turkey Share: $175

Pick up your Turkey Share on Monday evening, November 25 at Liberty Town Arts Workshop courtyard, in downtown Fredericksburg, between 5:30 – 7:00 P.M.

Why Soy-Free?

THERIANOS FAMILY ORGANIC FARM, Fandoula, Dionysia, Thanasis, Kalomoira & Dimitris Therianos in the village of Kallithea on the island of Zakynthos, Greece

FACSAP Organic Olive Oil Share Update: Dimitris Therianos at the Therianos Family Organic Farm is busily preparing our Olive Oil Shares this week and next week, using the just-harvested crop of olives. He is preparing this freshly-pressed oil especially for us -- the first to receive of this year’s harvest -- as an expression of gratitude for our support! Those who have purchased Olive Oil Shares will email Dimitri at the farm and he will send each person’s total including shipping cost, and the payment instructions. We will send a separate email next week with the information and update from the farm. Once shipped from the farm, the package with our Olive Oil Shares is expected to arrive within 6 business days to the US, and then a few more days to clear US Customs and Border Control before reaching Fredericksburg.


FACSAP End-of-Season Celebration & Dialogue

Thursday evening, November 7

6:30 – 8:30 pm

Fredericksburg Area Museum

907 Princess Anne Street

in downtown Fredericksburg (2nd Floor)

On-street Parking available

(540) 371-3037

  • Potluck Supper and Meeting of all the FACSAP members, farmers and volunteer organizers, giving us a chance to give feedback to each other about the 2019 summer harvest and begin preparing for the 2020 harvest.

  • Everyone’s input is vital and welcome.

  • The goal of this dialogue is strengthening and expanding our local organic food supply, and our relationships with each other.

  • We are the local organic movement! We are making a difference!

CAN YOU HELP? We are looking for 2-3 people with excellent email and social media skills, to help with email communications with FACSAP members, and to help tell the FACSAP story and get the word out to the community about our farms and mission. If you can help, please email or see Meg or Stavroula on Thursday.

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