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Meet Our Summer Harvest Share Farmers


Fredericksburg Area Community Supported Agriculture Project was the first CSA to be established in Fredericksburg over 20 years ago. As such, we have paved the way for many of the other community supported agriculture programs now in existence while remaining true to our initial mission: to be a cooperative of local organic or Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) farms (rather than a single farm) and community members. FACSAP growers follow the guidelines established by Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), a program that follows the standards set by the USDA National Organic Program, or USDA Certified Organic. This dedication to food purity is the reason FACSAP was founded, and it remains our top priority. We are committed to organic farming and sustainability.

The farmers that provide our Summer Harvest Share (as well as extended-season shares) are all located within 100 miles of Downtown Fredericksburg, Virginia—the majority of farms are within a 50-mile radius!

Swiss Chard


Fauquier County, VA

GUERRA GARDENS offers a variety of high-quality produce to the local community.
José Antonio Guerra, prize-winning grower from his native Guatemala and former lead grower for Virginia Green Grocer certified organic farm in Fauquier County, established his own farm in 2017 and returns for his thirteenth season growing for FACSAP.

A student grower from Hartland planting


Rapidan, VA

HARTLAND NATURAL FARM of Hartland Institute in Rapidan, VA, serves as a training ground for students to learn and gain experience in growing food from the fields, gardens, and greenhouses. Hartland has been providing produce for FACSAP members since 2014.

shiitake mushrooms growing on a log


Goldvein, VA

ROCK RUN CREEK FARM in Fauquier County incorporates natural woodlands into a sustainable agriculture system, cultivating organic oak log Shiitake mushrooms as part of the farm's greater forest management.

Grower Tom Miller sorting vegetables


Fredericksburg, VA

GREEN THUMB GROWERS grows food on city lots. Tom Miller has been providing produce for FACSAP members since 2008. The staff at Green Thumb Growers cultivate Certified Naturally Grown produce at Downtown Greens on Dixon Street and at new gardens on Elm and Charlotte Streets.

A variety of cherry tomatoes


Stafford County, VA

BLAZQUEZ GARDENS is located in Stafford County. Christien Conniff offers several unique varieties of tomatoes and peppers, including specialty types of yellow and red cherry tomatoes.

Grower Anita Roberson attending to flowers.


Fredericksburg, VA

BOTANICAL BITES & PROVISIONS, LLC is a military veterans family-owned farm. Growers Thomas and Anita Roberson take great pride in nurturing their plants, vegetables, and farm products, all free of pesticides, preservatives, and herbicides, employing agricultural best practices to ensure their products are handcrafted and grown naturally.

raw honey from Hazlett & Sons Apiary


Fredericksburg, VA

HAZLETT & SONS APIARY is a Certified Naturally Grown producer of raw honey in Fredericksburg, VA.

apples growing on a tree


Front Royal, VA

GOLDEN ACRES ORCHARD is 35-acre farm in the rolling countryside of the Shenandoah Valley. Every year, Thomson’s Golden Acres Orchard produces seven different varieties of biologically grown apples (in addition to unfiltered apple juice and apple cider vinegar)—raising apples with attention to soil fertility, understanding the interconnections of nature. and striving to minimize the disturbance of the ecosystem.

Certified Naturally Grown farmers reflect a commitment to work within the natural biological cycles that are necessary for a truly sustainable farming system—a system that works in harmony with micro-organisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals—to maintain and increase the long-term fertility of soil, leaving it even more vibrant and alive for the next generation of farmers.

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