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What to Expect - Week #3, 6/7/18

For Week #3 of the 2018 FACSAP Harvest, we anticipate the following this Thursday:

Blenheim Organic Gardens – Lawrence and Becky Latané

  • Mustard bunches

  • Mix of Butterhead, Loose Leaf, and Romaine Lettuces

Napa Cabbage is almost ready!

Green Thumb Growers – Tom Miller

  • Red Russian Kale

I am hoping to have Lacinato kale ready for delivery next week and will keep you posted on this product.

Downtown Greens Youth Farm Program – Jennifer Gron

One unique item per share member from the “Harvest Treasure Chest”. Choose from:

  • lemon balm (live plants)

  • seed bombs

  • herbs (thyme, garlic chives, basil mix)

Looking forward, I expect to have baby kale and mustard greens mixes in the next few weeks if they haven't washed down the hill in today's rain.

Hartland Natural Farm – Jamie Whitaker

  • Curly Kale

  • Lacinato Kale

  • Leeks

Good afternoon! Finally the flooding rains are letting up, and our crops can recover!

Wow. You are right, we are all late on our summer crops. That's not the way I thought it was looking earlier, the carrots never made a stand. For this week the leeks are the best I can do for variety. I'm hoping the green beans will come in enough at once to offer, and we do have beets coming soon, both of those are looking like 2 weeks away. Blueberries are starting to turn. We are excited for them coming up in maybe also 2 weeks. I can check on the early potatoes, but I think not yet.

Each week, our growers and volunteer organizers work together to create a balance share for our members. These share predictions are subject to change, usually due to weather or crop conditions, but this is our best estimate as to what we expect in our weekly share as of Tuesday.

If you'd like to learn more about our growers, please see our "Our Farmers" page HERE for descriptions and links to each grower we are proud to have as a part of our CSA!

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