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Growing More than Organic Produce

For twenty years FACSAP has worked to grow a community to connect people, farmers and organic produce. We are writing today to ask you to donate to help us to continue to grow that community.

This year FACSAP has partnered with “The Table,” a market-style pantry of St. George’s Episcopal Church, to bring fresh, organic produce to the residents of Hazel Hill. This diverse neighborhood is based in the affordable housing apartment complex next to our weekly harvest distribution point. Funded entirely by donations, each Hazel Hill share costs on average $8.50 a week.

As you may have seen from the number of people lining up at 7 pm after the FACSAP member distribution has finished, the need at Hazel Hill is great. The number of residents we serve each week has more than doubled from 20 the first week, to more than 40 last week.

Your donation of $34 will fund a four-week share for a Hazel Hill resident. $68 will fund an eight-week share. Please consider donating today and help us serve the Hazel Hill families for the remainder our season.

Checks should be made out to FACSAP, with “Hazel Hill” noted in the subject line, and mailed to FACSAP Inc, PO Box 340, Hartwood, VA 22471.

Thank you for acting now to help us grow our community!

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