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Farm Update: Hartland Natural Farms

Jamie from Hartland Natural Farms, wrote the following to keep our members connected with what is happening at their school's farm:

Tomatoes are fruiting, but I can never predict when we will suddenly have them in the right quantity. I do know that we have a lot of tomato plants out! Cucumbers are up, so probably the end of June for those. Peppers are a little late, But we should have them by July and on through the fall. Eggplant also is late. For this week for FACSAP, we should be able to offer: Lacinato kale, collards (again!), garlic, cilantro, and if they want curly kale also... a lot of greens!!

We are expecting to have blueberries mid-to-late June.

Our early season was great. It is more now that the weather is affecting us. Hot, then floods, and challenge with weed control as it must be done by hand when it's too wet for our machinery. I am demonstrating the benefits of mulching, and praying that diseases won't crop up too badly. Beans should be plentiful by late June/into July, and potatoes by July. Hope to have some early ones in June, but I think Jose did better getting his out on time. We will keep you updated on the progress! We hoped to offer cabbage, but the seed that came in proved to be all collards, which is why we have so much of them!

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