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Additional Produce Alert!

Blenheim Organic Gardens has additional produce for purchase for our members this week! To order, please email them directly at no later than this Wednesday, May 30th at 9pm. Your order will be delivered at our CSA pick-up on Thursday - please plan to be arrive promptly at 6pm to receive your order and pay Cameron from Blenheim Organic Gardens directly. Enjoy!

  • Asparagus $6.50

  • Head Lettuce $4

  • Heirloom Mint $3/bunch

  • Rainbow Chard $4/bunch

  • Salad mix $5/bag

  • Strawberries $4/pint *very limited supply We'll know better Wednesday how much we'll have. *strawberries are small - we're harvesting them from a fairly old bed and do not fertilize them.

  • Tuscan Kale $4/bunch

  • Heirloom Cornmeal -1.5lb bag $10 *up to 15 bags available.* The heirloom Bloody Butcher (the kernels are deep red) corn is grown, harvested, shelled and ground by us.

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