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Our Food


Since our first harvest in 1997, we have been committed to providing our members with 100% organic or Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) food from local farmers. A weekly share in the harvest contains a diverse assortment of freshly harvested organic produce. Each share typically includes about six to ten types of produce (sometimes more) or approximately a 3/4 bushel 

basketful. Occasionally, the share will also include other special items such as local organic raw honey, handmade soap and biologically-grown (organic) apple cider.


Our season runs from late May through early October, for a total

of 20 weeks of delicious, high quality produce and food to

nourish you and your family.

Our Community


And while our focus is always on good, quality, local food,

we do so while striving to build and benefit our community.

From the annual members' meeting at the start of the season,

to occasional potlucks with members and farmers alike, to ways to reach out to fellow members and organizers online, we are

a community of support, ideas, and recipes for each other throughout the season and year-round.

Building a community between organic farmers and our members is a very important part of our mission. Together,

we continue making a difference!

Our Farmers


Among area CSAs, Fredericksburg Area CSA Project is unique

in several ways. Rather than being a single farm CSA, we are a cooperative of several growers from across our region. Our

farms range from urban gardens in downtown Fredericksburg

of Green Thumb Growers to much larger farms, like Hartland Natural Farm, which serves multiple markets. All of our farms

meet or exceed the national organic standard.


By joining our CSA, you become a shareholder—part owner

of the farms’ harvest. By investing in your area’s organic farms

even before the crops are sown, you help keep these farms economically viable. Your participation directly sustains your

local organic farms and supports the region’s agriculture-based community.

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