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What to Expect - Week #13Season 24

For Week #13, September 3rd, of the 2020 FACSAP Summer Harvest, we anticipate the following this Thursday:

GUERRA GARDEN – José Antonio Guerra

  • Tomatoes (Big Mama or Big Beef)

  • May have a choice of Sweet Peppers or Zucchini, if enough ripen by Thursday

BULK Tomatoes Available from Guerra Garden!

José Antonio of Guerra Garden has bulk tomatoes available for direct purchase - Big Mama & Big Beef varieties. These superb tomatoes are excellent for canning, making sauce, stuffing & baking, or eating fresh in salads and sandwiches!

$2 per pound or $50 for a full Box.

Pre-order by Thursday 11 a.m. recommended.

José Antonio Guerra, Email:

with a cc to:


Text: 978 390-5317 with an email to:

  • Write «FACSAP EXTRA TOMATO ORDER THIS WEEK» in the subject line.

  • Specify # of pounds or # of boxes

  • Specify your pick up location

  • Specify variety preference: «Big Mama» or «Big Beef» or «Mixed»

  • Payment in exact cash or check payable to «José Antonio Guerra»

  • Pick up at the Walker-Grant Center, rear parking lot, in downtown Fredericksburg. Bring your own box to transfer tomatoes, or take his box and return it next week.​

BLENHEIM ORGANIC GARDENS – Lawrence & Becky Latané

  • Cucumbers

  • Okra

BLASQUEZ GARDENS – Christien Conniff

  • Cherry Tomatoes [enough for Large Shares only

HARTLAND NATURAL FARM – Esteban Cabrera, Matz Groschel & Amir Davis

  • Potatoes (Golden and Redskin)

  • Heirloom Tomatoes or Zucchini [enough for Small Shares only]


Available for direct purchase outside this week’s Share, Francis will have:

Bean Sprouts $5 per clamshell

Okra $5 per bag

Other produce (availability on harvest Thursday

Pre-order by Thursday 11 a.m. recommended.


Green Thumb Growers does not have produce for delivery to Fredericksburg CSA Project on September 3, 2020.

The acorn, butternut and Seminole squash have all set fruit and are getting bigger. Delivery is anticipated in late September. -Tom


The annual Honey harvest will be distributed with this week’s Shares! It is included with the Full Season Shares, both Small and Large, and will be available for direct purchase for the 10-Week and 4-Week Short Season Shares, and for those who would like extra honey.

Pete Burt, FACSAP Beekeeper, will be on hand with his local, raw honey for all who wish to purchase some. He will accept orders in two ways:

  • Anyone may purchase honey in-person at the Fredericksburg pickup location. Pete will accept cash and checks.

  • Orders placed and pre-paid by Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 8:00 pm will be delivered to you with your regular CSA share (including those who pick up at a satellite location).

  • Orders may be placed by emailing Pete at Please indicate your pick up location. Pete will reply with a PayPal invoice.

  • Pete has pint, quart, and half-gallon jars of honey available. The prices are $15 for 1 pint; $30 for 1 quart, and $57 for a half-gallon. ​


The annual hand-made Soap distribution will be included with this week’s Shares! The Soap is included with the Full Season Shares. Large Shares receive 2 bars and Small Shares receive 1 bar. The soap will be available for direct purchase for the 10-Week and 4-Week Short Season Shares -- as well as those wishing to purchase extra bars -- on a first come, first served basis.

21 bars (about 5 each of the 4 blends) will be available for direct purchase. Also available are 11 packages of my new zero-waste dish soap bar, in case members are interested in trying this for hand-washing dishes. These are very dense/hard soaps (not super-fatted like the bath bars) that come packaged with two small rounds of soap each—I use a dish sponge or brush with this soap to wash dishes as well as pots and pans, and make sure it dries between uses so it lasts longer.

Lavender Castile Soap (90% olive oil)

Lavender & Patchouli Soap (this is my regular blend with olive, castor, and coconut oils)

Litsea Soap (this is my regular blend with olive, castor, and coconut oils)

Rosemary, Clary Sage, and Basil Soap (this is my regular blend with olive, castor, and coconut oils)

Litsea and Tea Tree Dish Soap

$7.50 per bar/package

A self-serve table will be set up at the Side Share area at the far end of the parking lot for those who wish to purchase the Soap.

  • Soaps may be reserved by emailing Heidi at

  • Orders placed and pre-paid by Wednesday, Sept. 2, at 8:00 pm will be delivered to you with your regular CSA share (including those who pick up at a satellite location).

  • Payment by check payable to «Heidi Reszies» or Venmo to @folkcitystudio.

  • Please indicate your pick up location.

  • Indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of fragrance, or dish soap, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

CHARIS FARM & HOMESTEAD – Jen Ferinde & Family

LATE SUMMER EGG SHARES now available! To sign up, go to the FACSAP website Side Share page: 2020 Egg Share

Pastured, organically-produced, soy-free, hand-gathered Chicken Eggs $8 per dozen.

I do not anticipate having any surplus eggs for direct purchase again this week. Egg Shares will be distributed as usual.

ALL THINGS FARM – Rebecca Bracewell & Wendy Williams

We will NOT have bouquets for FACSAP this week due to an earlier crop failure, but we will add on another week at the end so the expected amount will still be delivered. Hope you are enjoying the bouquets! -Becky

FRESH CUT FLOWER SHARES – available for FACSAP members! To reserve your share:

  1. Send an email right away to

  2. Print the form from the FACSAP website Side Share page

  3. Bring your completed form and payment on Thursday and give to Wendy or to a FACSAP volunteer.

PÄLZER MÄDEL – Nicole Maynard

Prepared baked goods, jams and jellies made from organic ingredients!

  • Organic Pepper Jelly available this Thursday!

I harvested our first peppers last week from the organic seedlings purchased this Spring from Aline Fisher/Seedling Source. They look beautiful! I grew them in organic soil and used no pesticides on the plants. I only used organic vegetable fertilizer.

I have made them into Pepper Jelly and would like to offer it to FACSAP members. I used apple cider vinegar from Golden Acres Orchard, Peppers from the organic plants that I grew and organic cane sugar (for the canning of jellies, I cannot substitute the regular sugar), and Certo pectin. The Pepper Jelly will be a bit spicy, but I can tolerate it very well, so it's not too spicy.

4-ounce jar $6

8-ounce jar $9

Ingredients: organic white cane sugar, organic apple cider vinegar, organic peppers, organic habaneros and jalapenos, and pectin.

Cookies available this Thursday!

I'll bring gluten-free thumb cookies filled with homemade jam and made with coconut sugar. Also, gluten-free organic coconut macaroons with organic cane sugar, as well as walnut crunch cookes with organic chocolate and einkorn flour.

$8 per bag

Delivery is this Thursday and can be offered until I run out. No pre-order necessary.

I can accept cash (if provided in exact change), checks or credit cards (via Square).

Thank you so much for your support. Kind regards,



Kickshaw’s Gluten-Free Bakery will not offer Bread Shares this season. We are happy to fill any orders placed for folks for either home delivery or pickup at the farmers markets. Place your order via the website:

GOLDEN ACRES ORCHARD – John Thomson & Mrs. Scottie Thomson

We look forward to delivering another Apple Juice Share this Fall, along with the apple harvest for FACSAP members.

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