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What to Expect: Week 18, Season #23

For Week #18 – October 10— of the 2019 FACSAP Summer Harvest, we anticipate the following this Thursday:

BLENHEIM ORGANIC GARDENS – Lawrence and Becky Latané, Courtney Fishback

  • Sweet Potatoes

  • Arugula bunches


  • Assorted Greens (Romaine Lettuce + Kale or Collard Greens for Large Shares; Romaine Lettuce for Small Shares)

  • Gold Potatoes

GUERRA FARM – José Antonio Guerra Martinez

  • Swiss Chard

  • Sweet Peppers

  • Zucchini

  • Jalapeño Peppers


  • DTG will try to have peppers (jalapeno, cayenne and banana). This will be the last harvest from the plants.


Jennifer Gron's Colebrook Garden is offering hand-made goat milk soaps. The soaps are made in small batches using goat milk, organic coconut and olive oils, and essential oils for a light fragrance. Proceeds from these soaps go directly to support the goat feed bill for winter, when the pasture doesn't provide enough forage to sustain the small herd of 4 alpine goats. The soaps are available at $6 each, or $50 for 10. They are fully cured and ready to use.

Members can reserve their soaps by contacting Jennifer at

Available soaps:

  • 4 Unscented

  • 5 Rosemary

  • 9 Rosemary + Lavender

  • 23 Lavender

  • 8 Sweet Orange

  • 29 Rosemary + Spearmint


Rock Run Creek Farm has Oyster mushrooms for direct purchase for members at pickup or per email pre-order. $8 per pound. Please email me to reserve your mushrooms: .

Thank you,

-Francis E Ngoh

Rock Run Creek Farm

Goldvein VA

TERRA STONE GREENS – Caroline Nicotera

  • Microgreen Brassica Mix


This week is a Microgreen Brassica Mix ( Broccoli family). This is a mild mix that is an excellent addition to an entree’ salad or green smoothie. (Arugula/Broccoli/Red Clover/Mustard/ Collards/ Cabbage). Possibly more sunflower shoots if our sun stays out as they are grown in natural light. These Microgreens are up to 40x more nutritious than the mature plant and a little goes a long way! The phytonutrients- vitamins, amino acids, protein and mineral components - scream “ Superfood”.

Always keep your Microgreens refrigerated for maximum shelf life (7-10 days depending on variety). Our summer humidity has taught all of us farmers efficiency in resources- even growing sub-terranean indoors. We know why it’s great for a wine cellar. Visit our site, as we grow and expand:


GOLDEN ACRES ORCHARD – John Thomson & Mrs. Scottie Thomson

Apples coming October 24th!

CHARIS FARM & HOMESTEAD, Jen Ferinde & Family

Locust Grove, Spotsylvania County

CNG Certification Pending

Egg Shares Sold Out! Please see Jen Ferinde at the Side Share Table this Thursday to add your name to the Waiting List.

Charis is committed to walking out our home and farm with integrity, uprightness and grace to our family, our animals and those that purchase our products. We are a small homestead located just south of the Wilderness Battlefield. Everything that grows here is for the purpose of abundant healthy life from the soil up. We grow regeneratively because it’s not just about the end product but the quality of the land and what we leave behind in the end. We grow a wide variety of items, first for our family and next for our like-minded friends. Eggs, broiler chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows, fruit and veggies are some of the many items. All animals are pasture raised and lovingly cared for from life to death. We use Certified Organic soy-free products for any animals receiving grain and in the garden we use only lovely compost and homemade natural spray if needed. We look forward to sharing the blessings we receive from this land with all of you.

-Jen Ferinde

Highlights and Information for FACSAP Members:

  • Certified Naturally Grown, Soy-Free Chicken Egg Shares SOLD OUT! now available each week for interested FACSAP members! $40 for 5 weeks / $8 per dozen. MORE EGG SHARES MAY BECOME AVAILABLE SOON, AS THE HENS ALLOW! If interested, please add your name to the Wait List.

30 young hens now starting to lay eggs, joining the 8-9 older hens. So far, about 6-8 dozen eggs will be available each week, and they have already been sold!

Please email Jen Ferinde or stop by the FACSAP Side Share table during Thursday’s harvest distribution. Egg Shares are available on a first come, first served basis. You may add your name to the Waiting List, and will be notified when additional Egg Shares become available. [Jen will deliver the eggs fresh each week to the FACSAP Side Share table. Cash payments only.]

Pastured, Organic, Soy-Free Turkey

20 Turkeys are growing and will be ready the week before Thanksgiving in November. Ten have already been sold!

Price: $135 for a Small Turkey Share and $175 for a Large Turkey Share.

Turkey Shares will be ready for pick up at the farm on November 25, the Monday before Thanksgiving. Jen is also able to deliver within one hour of her farm. Please see Jen at the Side Share table to reserve your share.

Pastured, Organic, Soy-Free Chicken

Chicken broilers are expected to be ready in the Spring. About 50 will be available every 8 weeks, starting in June 2020. More details will be available soon, and a Chicken Share will be offered to FACSAP members.

THERIANOS FAMILY ORGANIC FARM – in the village of Kallithea on the island of Zakynthos, Greece

Ancient olive groves on the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea in western Greece. Our family has lived and farmed here continuously for the past 600 years. Some of our olive trees are 1,500 and even 2,200 hundred years old! These are of the ancient Dopia variety, which is found nowhere else in the world except here on the island of Zakynthos.

FACSAP Organic Olive Oil Share – Details now available! Please see Stavroula Conrad at the «Side Share» table if you are interested. Here are links to the farm’s websites and Facebook page:, , ,

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