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Fredericksburg Area CSA Project was the first CSA to be established in Fredericksburg over 20 years ago. As such, we have paved the way for many of the other CSA programs now in existence while remaining true to our initial mission: to be a cooperative of local organic or Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) farms and community members, rather than being a single farm CSA.

FACSAP growers follow the guidelines established by Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), a program that follows the standards set

by the USDA National Organic Program, or USDA Certified Organic.

“Certified Naturally Grown farmers reflect a commitment to work within the natural biological cycles that are necessary for a truly sustainable farming system—a system that works in harmony with

micro-organisms, soil flora and fauna, plants and animals—to maintain and increase the long-term fertility of soil, leaving it even more vibrant and alive for the next generation of farmers.”

This dedication to food purity is the reason our CSA was founded,

and it remains our top priority. We are committed to organic farming and sustainability.

By joining our CSA, you become a shareholder, part owner of the farms’ harvest. By investing in local organic farms even before crops are sown, you help keep these farms economically viable, sharing in their bounty while accepting the risk of unforeseeable weather and crop conditions. Your participation directly sustains your local organic farms and supports the region’s agriculture-based community.

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