October 23, 2019

For Week #20 – October 24, the final harvest delivery for the 2019 FACSAP Summer Shares, we anticipate the following this Thursday:

BLAZQUEZ GARDENS – Christien Conniff

CNG Pending

  • Assortment of Red Mexican Midget, Yellow Pear and Yellow Jelly Bean Tomatoes

Introducing our newest grower, a FACSAP member-turned-grower, Mrs. Christien Conniff, growing in Stafford County, with her harvest debut!

Preparing for the past couple of years, Christien this season has produced her first harvest in the newly-established 80’ x 80’ garden that is in the heart of the northern Fredericksburg area.  She offers several unique varieties of tomatoes and peppers, including specialty types of Yellow Cherry and tiny red Mexican Midget tomatoes. (see attached photo), which will be included in this week’s Summer Harvest finalé!

You are giving me the opportunity to be a farmer, which is a lifelong dream...And I look forward to growing in the future Spring and Summer shares... 

Looking forward to servi...

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