What IS a CSA?

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a two – way relationship created by the purchase of a “share” in the annual harvest of our farmers. Our farmers provide fresh organic produce throughout the summer growing season. In turn you, the CSA members, make a financial commitment to the farms in the spring, and share in the harvest through the summer into early autumn. This creates a market for our local organic farmers, and provides CSA members a source of fresh, locally grown organic produce. Partnering together, farmers and members share the risks and rewards of each year’s harvest.

A share in the harvest contains a diverse assortment of freshly harvested organic produce. Each share typically includes about ten to twelve types of produce—sometimes more—approximately a 3/4- bushel basketful. Occasionally, the share will also include special items such as local organic raw honey, natural handmade soap and biologically-grown (organic) apple cider. Our website lists the expected contents of each week’s share.

Additional benefits of your share

As part of the harvest, some of your FACSAP farmers offer additional farm products that can be purchased directly in bulk. Last year this included tomatoes and green beans for canning, winter squash for storing, zucchini, other summer squash, and green and hot peppers. More information about these offerings will be made available throughout the harvest season.

FACSAP members can meet your farmers at the annual FACSAP membership meeting. This year the meeting will be held Thursday evening, May 19 – one week before the first harvest pick up – at the Dorothy Hart Community Center in downtown Fredericksburg. FACSAP organizers are also present. This is a great opportunity to meet the people behind FACSAP, and learn more about how the CSA operates.

You’ll also get a chance to meet other FACSAP members, and get any last minute questions answered. FACSAP members are also invited to take part in our potluck dinners at the park. This year these will be held on the first, tenth and last distribution days of the season. Members receive weekly updates (via email and blog posts) with news about what’s happening on the farms, what produce to expect in upcoming weeks, and recipe ideas. Our FACSAP Facebook page, along with a members-only group, provides a place where members can share recipes and other food-related resources.