Additional Produce Purchases

Throughout the season, our growers may have additional produce which they make available to our members for purchase a la carte to supplement your CSA share with more of the vegetables you love.

We’ll update this page throughout the season, but please make note of the date produce is listed as available, as well as the contact information if you would like to order produce for yourself.

Produce will be available for pick up directly from our growers at our regular CSA share pick-up on Thursdays. Payment should be made in cash directly to the grower at time of pick-up.

Produce for 2017:

Guerra Gardens has additional produce available for purchase directly from him throughout the season. Below is a list of what he may currently have available – but this is dependent upon weather and crop conditions and may change without our knowledge, so please be sure to confirm with him what he has available when ordering.

  • Green bell peppers (sweet) – 3 x $1.00
  • Chili peppers (hot) – 4 x $1.00
  • Asian eggplant – $2.50lb
  • Magda Squash (like zucchini)  $1.25lb
  • Zucchini – $1.25lb
  • Basil – $2.50 bundle
  • Swiss Chard – $2.00 bundle
  • Beets with greens –  $3.00 bundle (3 branches)
  • Kale – $2.00 bundle
  • Green beans – $2.50lb
  • Cucumbers – $.75 each
  • Butternut squash – $1.00lb
  • Green Cabbage – $3.00 each
  • Bilko Cabbage – $3.00 each
  • White onions – $2.50 bundle (4 to 5 onions)
  • Purple onions – $2.50 bundle (4 to 5 onions)
Orders for Thursday pick-up should be placed directly with Jose at no later than 5pm on Wednesday of that week.  Payment should be made in cash to Jose at time of pick-up. As he does have a long drive back to his farm Thursday evenings, please pick up as close to 6pm as possible.